Modular Plastic Belts

Modular Plastic Belts
Modular Plastic Belts
Product Description
Flat Top

With a closed surface, it is suitable for all those applications in which it is not necessary for any drainage through the belt & or the product to be transported is small. Its completely closed surface avoids the fall of the products & resulting blockage of the line. Used at - Control & Inspection, High Speed lines, Metal Detectors, Accumalation & distribution, Bottles feeding, Packing lines.

Flush Grid

With Its variety of options in opening areas it provides proper cleaning by applying air or water under pressure through the belt. It is used for applications involving drainage of liquids or passage of air through the belt, for drying or unfreezing of products Used at - Drying tunnels, Selection tables, Washers, Defreezing & Degreasing applications, Boiling etc.

 Raised Rib

This belt has been designed mainly to be used with finger plates. The ribs that rise over the module are interlaced so that they provide a greater resistance as well as better sliding conditions for the product.

Friction Top

It has a closed surface with a new relief specially designed to avoid slips. It is very easy to clean even through industrial mechanical means. Its high resistance to traction and to chemical aggression of oils and industrial acids make it be the suitable belt for conveying people, for assembly lines in the car industry, for conveying furniture, electrical appliances etc.

Sliding Rollers

The small rollers inserted on its surface, that revolve whenever there is accumalation, avoid crushing, and damages in the base of the product. It has been designed mainly to solve problems of transport of boxes, containers, etc.

 Curved (Radial)

With variety of pitches & thanks to its design, it permits all kind of turns. With its flush grid geometry and smooth and rounded edges which provide an excellent drainage. It is very easy to clean with great sliding properties, & have very low maintenance costs.

Acetal Polypropylene Polyethylene
(Also available with specialized features as thermo-plastic rubber for top friction, antistatic acetal, electricity conductor acetals.)
Sprockets Flights Finger Plates
Wear strips Side Guards Hold Down Rollers & Profiles
Better answer to aggression of Chemical agents
Minimum friction coefficient, without need of lubrication
Due to their low weight, the necessary support features are light, being the motor equipment needed of lower power and having as a result a reduction in energy and costs
The drive system is made by means of plastic sprockets obtaining, thus, a positive drive that eliminates the risk of drums, sliding, side movements, & wear
Car, Poultry, Beverage, Meat, Vegetables, Confectionary, Fish, Wine, Packaging etc.





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